We believe that anti-malware should be as easily accessible as malware authors make their weapons.

Our mission is to provide the best prevention and remedy solutions possible against rising cyber threats around the world.


Jordan Hook

Lead Developer

Jordan is the lead developer for Berzerk Solutions and associated projects. He is responsible for leading our teams for development, testing and deployment teams of all of products.

Vinood Persad

Sr. Software Developer

Vinood is a senior developer for all Berzerk Solutions projects and actively contributes towards the success of our company goals. He is a result-driven, articulate, analytical developer who demonstrates out of the box thinking.

Bryan Lavallee

Sr. Quality Assurance

Bryan is our senior quality assurance analyst. In his role he identifies and fixes potential bugs through the use of various testing frameworks in order to ensure our products are ready for release. Through the use of expertise and innovative thinking Bryans vision is to ensure that our products behave and perform as expected in order to provide you with the best protection that we can.

Robert Fernandez

Software Developer

Robert is a software developer for current Berzerk Solutions projects. His main focus is helping develop projects for Berzerk Solutions with the rest of our team. He is currently working towards a Software Developer degree at Seneca College.


Berzerk solutions is a small team based in Canada in which prides anti-malware solutions as little to no cost. We believe that everyone has a right to privacy and to feel safe while using technology without having to fear online predators spying on them, stealing their information or even locking them out of their systems. In order to protect our community and users against said threats our team actively collects samples through the dark web and from community submitted samples for analysis in order to prevent further danger to our clients.

The unfortunate truth is that more malware is released into the wild each day with new characteristics and code that is impossible to be fully protected by one solutions alone. This is where we come in with our additional layers of security software. Our goal is to provide you and with an layer of security in addition to your current anti-virus software. By combining our technologies with your current vendors our goal is to help provide you with the safest cyber environment possible by protecting you against raising threats without overloading your experience as a user.